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Portable Storage and Local Moving Done Right!

Better Than A PODS®, Packrat®, ZippyShell®, UNITS®, MIBOX® Container or a Moving Truck.

Portable Storage Containers By VIAVault Portable Storage and Moving

No matter where you live, we’re sure we can get a portable unit to you! Our service area is larger than most portable storage facilities, providing coverage to many of the surrounding cities on both the Illinois and Indiana side of the border.

We’re proud to serve locations in Crete, Olympia Fields, Homewood, Lansing, and South Holland, Illinois as well as Crown Point, Saint John, Merrillville, Schererville, Hammond, Highland, Cedar Lake, and Munster, Indiana, just to name a few. Give our office a call today and set up your reservation.

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So What Does VIAVault Offer?

Onsite Storage

Are you planning on home remodeling or simply clean out your home? We can deliver a storage unit on your property for as long as you need it!

Local Moving

Planning on moving soon? Why use rental trucks when VIAVault can make moving convenient and easy! If you need mobile storage or portable storage, VIAVault Portable Storage and Moving has you covered.

Warehouse Storage

VIAVault clients also have the option of having the VIAVault picked-up from their site for storage at one of our upscale storage facilities until re-location or redelivery is required.

How Does a VIAVault Move Compare to Traditional Movers?

Lets face it. Moving is stressful at the best of times – thats why at VIAVault we built our company around the idea of “convenience” and “ease”. These are two terms that are not typically synonymous with moving.

On the surface – local moving is local moving. Your things get from A to B and you are done. However, all the details in the middle are what cause the stress of moving. That’s why a VIAVault move is better across the board than working with a traditional moving company.

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Compare VIAVault Moving to Other Portable Storage Services

Not all portable storage companies are equal. When shopping for the best solution for your needs its important to know the facts when making your decision. At VIAVault our sole purpose is to provide you with the absolute best in customer experience, service and container technology.

It doesn’t matter if you are considering a PODS, MIBOX, UNITS, PACKRAT or some other solution. They simply don’t stack up against VIAVault – between our incredible containers, fast deliveries, maniacal customer service and our great prices – there isn’t a better solution out there anywhere.

Call VIAVault Today
(866) 766-6BOX

What We Can Do For You

VIAVault works when you need it! VIAVault Portable Storage & Moving is a professionally operated Mobile Storage & Moving solution centered on YOU.  We have perfected a winning combination of moving and mobile storage options for discerning clients who prefer the benefits, quality, convenience, and leisure of on-site packing and/or storage.

  • Provide quality service
  • Make your moving or storage experience easy
  • Our service serves many locations

What Our Clients Say


Great Experience - Totally Pleased

I used VIAVault as a first time storage user to assist with a remodel of my home. The staff (Doug/Steve) were very helpful, personable and professional. My unit arrived PRISTINE! I almost didn't want to put my old items inside. All items were returned with no damage and overall was a great experience - without draining my budget. I will definitely be referring VIAVault and using them again in the future for any of my storage needs.

H. Tolbert (Hammond, IN)
Rating : 5

Perfect experience

100% satisfied. The staff was very helpful, the container was the best I've ever seen, the scheduling was very accommodating and delivery and pick up was right on time. Pricing was very competitive also. I couldn't ask for anything more!

John Piper
Rating : 5

Excellent Overall

Their storage container is larger then the competition. Their customer service is outstanding. On time with every pick up/delivery. I would definitely recommend VIAVault for your moving/storage needs.

Robert Szajkovics
Rating : 5

The Best Price Guarantee

Uncompromised Quality and Service backed by a Lowest Price Guarantee.

If you have made a booking through our website and find a similar Vault deliverable with a similar Horizontal/Level Lift Delivery System as VIAVault for a lower rate within 24 hours on a competing website, we will match this rate and add a 10% reduction.

ViaVault Portable Storage and Moving

As a locally owned and operated portable storage facility serving NWI and the greater Chicagoland areas, our team knows what it takes to provide you with the service, amenities, and peace of mind you need to feel confident during your busy move. Our portable storage units come in three sizes, 8’x12’, 8’x16’, and 8’x20′ making it easy to rent the perfect space for whatever your belongings require. We’ll bring these units directly to your property, allowing you to fill it on your own time and then call us when you’re ready to have it returned to our secure property. Reach out to our team today and we’ll get you started.

Plus, because our units are entirely portable, you can have them delivered just about anywhere in the greater southern Chicago area. Our main office and facility is located in Dyer, Indiana, but our service area reaches out well beyond the confines of our home base. Whether you live in the Illinois cities of Crete, Lansing, Olympia Fields, Homewood, or South Holland, or the Indiana cities of Saint John, Schererville, Munster, Highland, Cedar Lake, Hammond, Merrillville, or Crown Point, we want to give you a hand with your move or business storage project. Give our team a call to ask about the portable storage process or visit our FAQ page to get more information about our facility and services!


How Far In Advance Do I Need To Make A Reservation?

Via Vault can provide a vault as soon as you need one.  If you need a vault, please request a quote or call us at 866-766-6BOX.

How Much Space Does VIAVault Provide?

VIAVault units are a full 8′ in width compared to some companies that call their boxes 8′ x 16′ but in reality deliver the widest that they can deliver (due to their restricted lifting device) which is a container that is really only 7’2″ wide. Compared to these, VIAVault actually provides you with the extra 13.3 square feet of floor space that you are expecting. In actual packing area that extra 10 inches for the length of a 16′ box is equal to 106 cubic feet of storage space that VIAVault provides you.

VIAVault units are custom built to provide our clients with all the inside space for their use. Some other containers/boxes/PODS use a flimsy steel roll-up door which takes up inside space for the actual door spool. This wasted space represents approximately 22 cubic feet in our competitors PODS/boxes that are using these doors. VIAVault provides you that extra 22 cubic feet for your use.

What Are VIAVault Containers Made Of?

Base and Frame: Hot-Dipped Galvanized steel does not rust. That means there are no rust stains left on your concrete or block pavers.

Floor: Thick Marine Grade plywood provides anti-slip properties as compared to steel or aluminum floors. You and your stuff are less likely to slide around within the Vault.

Vents: Just the right amound of ventillation. There are two screened vents allowing air to equalize inside and out. You don’t want too much air getting in as is inherently going to occur with other companies containers – Especially those using flimsy roll-up doors.


Roof: One-piece sun reflective aluminum roof with pitched support beams that keep heat, rainwater and snow off the roof. Does not dry out or crack like plastic roofs preventing water seepage. Does not allow in harmful ultraviolet sun rays that harm your valued furniture and belongings. Sealed to walls preventing weather and insects from entering the container.


Doors: Thick DuraPlate composite material. Hinged swing doors provide maximum use of Vault interior space. Double Sealed preventing moisture and insects from getting inside. Steel rod locking mechanism from floor to roof.


Walls: Smooth and durable DuraPlate composite material is strong and more resistant to outside weather conditions transfer (sweating) than simple smooth or corrugated steel skins. VIAVault composit walls are very clean. Never rusts. Never flakes. No oder retention. Visually appealing- inside and out. Tie-down rings provided throughout to allow users to secure their belongings at several locations. VIAVaults are constructed with thermally resistant wall and door material which is not subject to the immediate temperature change that simple steel sided competitors use. When weather changes quickly (cold steel warms by the sun) steel containers “sweat” creating what is known in the industry as “container rain”. This means condensation forms on the roof and walls in the form of droplets ON THE INSIDE (where your valued possessions are stored)! Other companies don’t want you to know about this and often avoid disclosing what their container is constructed of. If the other company uses a roll-up door they are passing on the same moisture intrusion problem just discussed.

Will I Be Able To Have Access To My VIAVault When It Is Stored In Your Warehouse?

Yes, please give us a call so we can able to put your container somewhere in our secure warehouse where you will have easy access to it. In our secure warehouse, the Vaults are stacked 2 high, and are 3 or 4 rows deep – so depending on where your container is, it just takes the warehouse manager some time to be able to move the other containers out of the way.

How Long Is The Rental Term?

Our typical client rents our containers a month at a time, however, we do offer weekly rentals as well. These are typically advantageous for people that are moving.

How do I schedule or reschedule a pickup or delivery of a Via-Vault?

If you’re moving/storing locally or your moving to a new city – scheduling or rescheduling a pick or delivery is easy.
  • Call our customer service team at 866-766-6BOX.

Because scheduling is based on availability, we recommend that your container delivery and pick-up is scheduled as far in advance as possible.

The container may be picked up anytime after 7AM local time. Please be sure it is unlocked, empty, clean and accessible to the driver. You do not have to be there when the driver arrives.

How far in advance should I schedule my delivery or pickup?

Please note service dates are subject to availability. We recommend scheduling all phases of your experience (deliveries, pick-ups, and transit if you’re moving long-distance) as soon as possible, as dates tend to sell out quickly. Call our customer care team at 866-766-6BOX to schedule your storage containers delivery or pickup dates.

What can't I store in a Via-Vault?

Hazardous Materials such as toxic chemicals, gas, liquids, substance, material or waste, lawn mowers, motorized vehicles and illegal items cannot be placed in a Via-Vault Container.
We also recommend that heirlooms, irreplaceable artifacts, deeds, legal notices, forms of currency and items that are not your personal property are not placed in the storage container. Refer to your rental agreement for additional restrictions on what cannot be stored in the Container.
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