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How Portable Storage Makes Moving Easy

How Portable Storage Makes Moving Easy

How often have you been able to say “Hmmm.. that was one of the best decisions I could’ve ever made?”

If you’re like most people – we have a tendency to make things harder on ourselves than they need to be. If you’ve ever said the above, the probability is that you made a decision that made life easier for yourself. VIAVault has one purpose – to make portable storage and moving – easy and convenient.  So take a moment to relax and learn how VIAVault can make your life easier by following these 3 easy tips.

“Delegation” is the Best Approach

Needing to store a bunch of items but not having the space to do so is a pretty simple problem to fix. Call VIAVault, let us deliver you a container or two and you have all the storage space you could need. But there is more to storing items than just having a place to put things – you still have to “PUT YOUR THINGS” in the container.

Again don’t worry – speak to your local VIAVault dealer and we can hook you up with a professional packing and loading service that can fill your VIAVault container up for you. This means you don’t have to ask friends to help you move and you can just sit back and enjoy your weekend.

Eliminate “Between Homes” Stress

Selling a home and moving into a new one is anything but a simple thing – most would call it “complicated”. You have to to deal with your home buyers, as well as figure out where you’re going to live. Sometimes its not as simple as moving from your home into a new one, sometimes you’re stuck between locations for weeks or even months. By using a VIAVault, you don’t have to worry about where your things are when you are between homes – we can come pick up your loaded container at any time and bring it to our secure storage warehouse.

When you’re ready to move into your new place – call us up and we’ll deliver all of your belongings to your new home.

Downsizing Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

One of the most common issues people have when they move is that they are moving from a larger place to a smaller one. Most think to themselves “there’s plenty of room in the garage or basement for anything that doesnt fit”. But whats worse than the stress of moving into a new home? Living in a CLUTTERED new home. Instead of stashing your items in your basement, attic or garage simply identify the items that need to be stored and leave them in your VIAVault container. Give us a call and we will pick the container with all your belongings back to our warehouse. When you decide you need them we can bring the container back to you.

Looking for a great moving or storage solution? Call VIAVault today at (866) 766-6BOX.



1.How Far In Advance Do I Need To Make A Reservation?

Via Vault can provide a vault as soon as you need one.  If you need a vault, please request a quote or call us at 866-766-6BOX.

2.How Much Space Does VIAVault Provide?

VIAVault units are a full 8′ in width compared to some companies that call their boxes 8′ x 16′ but in reality deliver the widest that they can deliver (due to their restricted lifting device) which is a container that is really only 7’2″ wide. Compared to these, VIAVault actually provides you with the extra 13.3 square feet of floor space that you are expecting. In actual packing area that extra 10 inches for the length of a 16′ box is equal to 106 cubic feet of storage space that VIAVault provides you.

VIAVaults are custom built to provide our clients with all the inside space for their use. Some other containers/boxes/PODS use a flimsy steel roll-up door which takes up inside space for the actual door spool. This wasted space represents approximately 22 cubic feet in our competitors PODS/boxes that are using these doors. VIAVault provides you that extra 22 cubic feet for your use.

3.What Are VIAVault Containers Made Of?

Base and Frame: Hot-Dipped Galvanized steel does not rust. That means there are no rust stains left on your concrete or block pavers.

Floor: Thick Marine Grade plywood provides anti-slip properties as compared to steel or aluminum floors. You and your stuff are less likely to slide around within the Vault.

Vents: Just the right amound of ventillation. There are two screened vents allowing air to equalize inside and out. You don’t want too much air getting in as is inherently going to occur with other companies containers – Especially those using flimsy roll-up doors.


Roof: One-piece sun reflective aluminum roof with pitched support beams that keep heat, rainwater and snow off the roof. Does not dry out or crack like plastic roofs preventing water seepage. Does not allow in harmful ultraviolet sun rays that harm your valued furniture and belongings. Sealed to walls preventing weather and insects from entering the container.


Doors: Thick DuraPlate composite material. Hinged swing doors provide maximum use of Vault interior space. Double Sealed preventing moisture and insects from getting inside. Steel rod locking mechanism from floor to roof.


Walls: Smooth and durable DuraPlate composite material is strong and more resistant to outside weather conditions transfer (sweating) than simple smooth or corrugated steel skins. VIAVault composit walls are very clean. Never rusts. Never flakes. No oder retention. Visually appealing- inside and out. Tie-down rings provided throughout to allow users to secure their belongings at several locations. VIAVaults are constructed with thermally resistant wall and door material which is not subject to the immediate temperature change that simple steel sided competitors use. When weather changes quickly (cold steel warms by the sun) steel containers “sweat” creating what is known in the industry as “container rain”. This means condensation forms on the roof and walls in the form of droplets ON THE INSIDE (where your valued possessions are stored)! Other companies don’t want you to know about this and often avoid disclosing what their container is constructed of. If the other company uses a roll-up door they are passing on the same moisture intrusion problem just discussed.
4.Will I Be Able To Have Access To My VIAVault When It Is Stored In Your Warehouse?
Yes, please give us a call so we can able to put your container somewhere in our secure warehouse where you will have easy access to it. In our secure warehouse, the Vaults are stacked 2 high, and are 3 or 4 rows deep – so depending on where your container is, it just takes the warehouse manager some time to be able to move the other containers out of the way.

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